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Sale directly from the Play Store: HTC One is for the HTC Nexus One - NEWS

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 Pure Android is the HTC one good. Pure Android is the HTC One good (Photo: HTC).

Friday 31 May 2013

How Samsung with the Galaxy S4 also jumps with his precious HTC Smartphone Nexus One on the train. The unit will soon be offered with pure Android directly into Google Play. And the Taiwanese might have more surprises in store.

Shortly after the presentation of the Google Edition of Samsung Galaxy S4 slipped a HTC employee on Twitter remark out, but maybe we should wait a little before spending $ 649 for “a piece of plastic.” Even if HTC quickly denied, the question arose as: Is there perhaps an HTC Nexus One to work


It is! HTC has now officially announced on his blog that as of 26 June, the one with pure Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) is like Google’s Nexus devices directly in the Play Store offered. And unlike Samsung S4 Google Edition also Europeans may hope that being able to buy one with “Nexus” experience. For HTC writes in his blog entry, the offer applies first for the U.S. only.

The hardware of the Nexus One is that of the device currently available, the price is 599 euros unchanged. Users who purchase the smartphone in the Play Store, but have to give up features that HTC has integrated its Sense UI 5th These include the special camera features of “Zoe” and the Info Home “Blink Feed”. For it’s there but for the smartphone as for official Nexus devices operating system updates directly from Google.

Pure Android for all?

who already owns a HTC one, maybe coming in the near future to benefit from the experience Nexus: An HTC spokesperson has the tech magazine “Pocket Lint” said one bears in mind all one-pure Android owners to provide firmware.

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  •  Apple plans to double strike with cheap iPhone: iPhone 5S will come in June 29/05/13 Apple plans to double strike with cheap iPhone iPhone 5S will come in June
  • Meanwhile, make more interesting HTC-One rumor circulating in the Internet: The Taiwanese are reportedly planning to make soon two more variants of the one on the market. Firstly, according to “Talk Android” a “phablet” with 5.9 inch screen give, which is otherwise as the default device equipped.

    also the HTC One could also get a little brother. Although the HTC mini is supposed to have the same design, but weaker hardware than the current one. “PhoneArena” reported the device was codenamed M4 a 4.3-inch screen qHD resolution, a dual-core processor with 2 GB of RAM and a battery with 1700 mAh capacity. The camera sensor shall be assembled as one of the great Ultra pixels.


    Thursday, May 30, 2013

    HTC One: Instead Sense pure Vanilla Android 4.2? - Chip Online

    HTC One: Soon, without sense

    HTC one: Soon, even without Sense?

    According to the statements of a ROM developer release a firmware version with the pure Android 4.2 for the top smartphone HTC one is imminent.

    the developer communicates via Twitter, HTC is planning a supposedly ROM offer with vanilla Android 4.2 for the One. This means that it is the pure Android version of Google used without extra extensions or additional user interface of the mobile phone manufacturer. HTC will also release in a few weeks already officially announced the update to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with Sense UI. On request confirmation from HTC is still pending.

    HTC, Samsung
    While Vanilla Android 4.2 is still speculation for HTC one, this is already officially for another high-end mobile phone. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was presented at the Google I / O in a “Google Edition”, which already manages out of house without adjustments and additional user interface of the mobile phone manufacturer. The advantage is that the phone will be sold directly by Google and thus supplied with updates faster. However, it will give this version initia lly only in the U.S. Play Store

    class=”general2″> CHIP Online says:.
    Should the developer be right, is This is good news for all users of a HTC one, the current winner in our mobile leaderboard. Because not everyone says the proprietary and completely revamped Sense UI to 5.0. Watching the news overview “Blink Feed” with its fixed supply of many news sites is an eyesore. Not to be underestimated are also the faster updates for the pure Android. (cma)

    Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    HTC is reportedly planning mini and mega-version of its HTC One -

    class=”wp_keywordlink”> HTC apparently wants to bring variants of its flagship 4.7-inch smartphones HTC one with smaller and larger screen size on the market. The Pocket-Lint reported, citing a source familiar with HTC’s plans.

    HTC One: This is what Flashing Feed from


    to use a five to six inch display the larger version. Thus, it would be in the region of the Galaxy Note or Galaxy Mega. The rest of the technical equipment to be identical with that of the standard model.

    The “HTC One Mini” with 4.3-inch diagonal, however, it is – like the mini editions of Samsung’s Galaxy S models – According to the source is a stripped down version. It supposedly comes with the 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU of Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal memory and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean along with HTC’s Sense surface in the current version 5

    The case is like the HTC one made of high quality aluminum. Also, the “Ultra pixel camera” with 4-megapixel sensors and LTE takes over the small version of the big brother. A 1700 mAh battery will power the unit with power and not be replaceable like the 4.7-inch model. The launch is reportedly scheduled for the second quarter of this year.

    information from HTC is also planning a Google edition of the HTC one. It does away with the in-house surface and instead uses Sense Stock Android, so how Google’s Nexus Devices the original version of the operating system.

    [with material from Christian Schartel,]

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    Monday, May 27, 2013

    HTC One: version 5 inches x allegedly planned - chip online

    HTC One: If the phone from a series?

    HTC one: is a series from the phone?

    HTC seems to want to make its flagship One a big brother to the side. Allegedly planning a Taiwanese smartphone in aluminum style with a larger display. to have learned, HTC plans to introduce a one-Smartlets. The display of the larger one is to move 5-6 inches. All other technical details are probably those of the normal HTC one. Also, the smartphone with a larger screen will be to use the 600 as a Snapdragon processor and a 1080p resolution.

    More news to come Smartlet one of the Korean website and So they both found the code name T6 multiple times in a different provider for Linux imaginary string. It here seems to be the larger one to act, which is marketed in spite 5.99 inch display, a 6-incher.

    In addition to the great works HTC rumored to also be a small one, the Mini One. When if and at what price the new HTC’s on the market, is not known. Official information is still gibts to any of the devices


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    2. Asus PadFone: Smartlet with Android 4.0 (news, 28/02/2012)

    HTC 8S: The Windows Phone 8 in the test - RP ONLINE

    last updated: 27.05.2013 – 13:42

    The HTC 8S appeared about the same time with the HTC one, but aimed at a different target group. It is a Windows 8 phone that really stand out for its rather low price. But what can the smartphone in the test?

    For the price it can be assumed that the HTC 8S somewhere has to make compromises – this applies particularly to the screen


    With a screen size of four inches and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, the display is very small, which may be a major drawback for many users. For thus working with the smartphone requires a lot of attention, for example when writing.

    The technical equipment of low memory stands out: Inside the HTC 8S work 512 MB of RAM, which goes back to a default by Microsoft. The processor, HTC has opted for an S4 processor from Qualcomm, its two cores clocked at one gigahertz – still knows the speed of the smartphones in the test to convince


    Even the internal flash memory of the smartphone has been saved: Of the four gigabyte can only use 1.3 GB – after all, is an expansion with microSD card no problem. But here let no apps or games store.

    If you want to shoot a lot with his smartphone, HTC is in the wrong 8S canceled: A front camera for video chats is not present, the main camera has a resolution of five megapixels


    Since it does little that the colors are very vivid and natural act: Because with a magnified image, the noise drops to fast. When shooting in low light with flash the photos shown in the test for a distinct green tinge. After all, the video quality with 720p convinced


    Overall, the HTC 8S still makes a good impression in the test, especially for the price – especially for casual users can get over the savings. With its battery life in everyday use of eleven hours, the Smartphioe can also convince. Moreover convincing sound quality.

    HTC Desire smartphone is mid-600 before -

    class=”wp_keywordlink”> HTC has been announced for June with the Desire 600 is a dual SIM smartphone in the medium price segment whose both SIM cards can be active simultaneously. The manufacturer calls the “Dual Active SIM”. Thanks to it can take about a conversation on one line while the other is occupied.

    the device is powered by the 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU of Qualcomm Snapdragon 200. Your the 1 GB of RAM to the side. The internal memory is 8 GB in size. The Super-LCD2 display with 4.5 inch diagonal has a qHD resolution of 960 by 540 pixels.

     The Desire 600 allows the simultaneous use of two SIM cards (image: HTC). The Desire 600 allows the simultaneous use of two SIM cards (image: HTC).

    for communication NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n available. Of course, the Desire 600 also transmits the 2G and 3G network (HSDPA up to 7.2 Mbit / s), LTE support but it is not. The power supply is a replaceable 1860 mAh battery, which is to hold the phone up to 11 hours.

    for photos and video recording in 720p, the HTC device brings an 8 megapixel camera with F2.0 aperture and 28-mm lens, autofocus, BSI sensor and LED flash with. Video chatting is still a 1.6-megapixel webcam in the front available. The “Video Highlights”, made from the photos taken automatically at 30-second video clips.

    A special feature of 13.5 times 6.7 times 0.9 millimeters and 130 grams heavy Desire 600 are two stereo speakers with built in amplifier front, below or above the similar to the HTC one on the front of the display sit. HTC calls the boom sound. The sound optimization software Beats Audio is also on board.

    comes as the operating system Android 4.1.2 using the overlying Sense UI used. 600 The Desire uses HTC’s flagship Android as one of the current version 5, the company’s own user interface, including the features flashing feed.

    a price for Dual SIM smartphone, HTC has not mentioned above. Also an exact date for the launch in Germany is not yet clear.

    [with material from Christian Schartel,]

    Tip: Are you an Android expert? Check your knowledge – with 15 questions on

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    HTC One comes in the summer with pure Android without Sense interface -

    class=”wp_keywordlink”> HTC wants a future offer Google edition of its flagship smartphone HTC one, but probably only in the United States. It does away with the in-house instead uses Sense interface and Android class=”wp_keywordlink”> , so as Google’s Nexus Devices the original version of the operating system .

    Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One soon come with stock Android (Photo: Sarah Tew / Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One soon come with stock Android (Photo: Sarah Tew /

    Already on Friday were rumors a variant of the HTC one without the typical Sense UI. even had reports of an official announcement within the next two weeks. A source of now confirmed that HTC actually planning a Google edition of its flagship model. The launch is planned for summer.

    So far HTC has built it to stand out with its Sense interface from other Android products. With a free version of the HTC Sense one it is now the same step as Samsung . This had Galaxy S4 announced at the Google I / O in San Francisco a surprisingly variant with its pure Android without the TouchWiz UI known. It is sold in the U.S. for $ 649 on Google Play. The biggest advantage for the users is that they always get the latest version of Android like the Nexus devices.

    In the case of the HTC Sense One of the abandonment of the surface can also mean a disadvantage. Because the HTC software provides many additional features that are not available with stock Android in this form. These include various photos and video features, the advanced volume control boom sound, flashing feed, email and notes as well as a remote control function.

    since its market launch in March HTC has sold five million units of the One. The recently declared an unnamed manager of the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer told the Wall Street Journal. An expansion of production capacities HTC had already announced the week before last.

    [With material by Roger Cheng,]

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    Sunday, May 26, 2013

    Gladbach HTC's victory from the hands - West German newspaper

    The team separates the end of the field season from HTC Crefelder with 4:4.

    Mönchengladbach. The Gladbach HTC has the field season ended in the first conciliatory Hockey League. After seven defeats in their last eight games, the team of Jan Klatt and André slate defied the neighbors HTC Crefelder a 4:4 (2:1) from. Given the course of the game you had to end up even talk of giving away a point. For the guests led to eight minutes from the end 4-2, but still gave this lead out of hand.

    Half of the results fall penalty corners

    The duel of two teams for which it was no longer around as prestige, lived by many technical errors on both sides, which prevented thrilling scenes goal area. The GHTC went on curiously in the lead. The impact of Florian Pelzner in the shot circle was hardly thought of as goal, then found the schooner CHTC-Keepers of the back of the net (2). It was indicative of the lack of flow of the game that half the hit resulted from penalty corners.

    CHTC possible in this way by Linus Butt of (14), Sven Alex brought Mönchengladbach with two other corners of 3:1 (26, 45) in the front. As Tillmann Pohl even increased to 4-1 (48), the game seemed decided. The visitors made the statement without Felix Klein. On his 25th Birthday awoke in CHTC-actor now but the ambition. With the connecting gate to 2:4 Small tore his teammate again. Max van Laak shortened by corner to 3:4 (62), again got free in front of 200 spectators just before the end the final score.

    Gladbach finished the season in tenth place, for the Krefeld handed it to seventh place in the final settlement.

    HTC One: Google Edition with standard Android appears in summer - PC Games

    HTC smartphone workhorse One will also be available in the so-called Google Edition summer. In contrast to the standard retail version of the HTC one the pure Android OS will waive all additional functions of manufacturer HTC.

    class=”foto_container_center”> The HTC One is to appear in the summer in a Android-stock version. Pure Android operating system waives additional functions of the manufacturer. When the HTC one comes as Google's version on the market is not yet known. The HTC one is to appear in the summer in a stock Android version. The pure Android operating system waives additional functions of the manufacturer. When the HTC one comes as Google’s version on the market is not yet known. [Source: see gallery] The HTC one is expected to be sold in the summer of the Google version. This tells the portal Accordingly, the Google Edition of the HTC One should be equipped with the open version of Google’s Android operating system. This means that Google’s edition of HTC ’s flagship smartphone disclaims any extra features and extra programs of producer HTC and allows an unvarnished Android experience.

    competitor Samsung plans to release in the coming months, a model of its new Galaxy S4-rounder that works without features of Samsung and relies on a pure Android OS, according to latest reports. The stock version of Google’s Android operating system is popular among fans since it downloads updates faster and provides more power. Here you can watch the report on about. On our site to HTC’s One, there are additional articles and reports.

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    Saturday, May 25, 2013

    One with Android on HTC pure way: just kidding? - TechStage

    src=”” TechStage

    An offer of src=””

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    2. sales boom: 10 million sets Samsung Galaxy S4
    3. fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5S: gadget or curse
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    All about HTC One

    because of crisis: HTC One sold 5 million  The One sells really well: HTC was able to sell five million units and is therefore also compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4 not bad there.

    HTC’s top managers fired? drain or high water

    Study: iPhone users are dissatisfied

    HTC One soon with vanilla Android?

    cameras in the test: Galaxy vs S4. One vs. HTC. iPhone &

    HTC has Humor: Recently, we have speculated that one should give it a HTC Sense interface and without it with vanilla Android – which seems to be confirmed. The Taiwanese seem to talk about the one in the Google version as “Senseless Edition” – ie “no sense”, but otherwise also translated “without sense”


    Apparently, HTC will not let take the butter on bread, which presented their flagship Galaxy S4 during the Google I / O in a version without their custom user interface called TouchWiz UX Nature by Samsung. The advantage: All Android updates that Google released, would also automatically available for these devices. For a custom ROM that can sometimes take several months – if there are any updates to later versions


    One can understand that many users want to always have the latest versions of Android on their phones. The need is likely to be no longer compared to two or three years ago. At that time, Google released in rapid succession new versions of Android, some of drastic – and quite necessary changes or improvements brought with them


    Those days are gone today. Alone to reduce the fragmentation of Android versions, Google has extended the update cycles significantly. The last major update to Android 4.1 in June of 2012. There were a number of minor improvements, which have achieved nothing earth shattering.

    By the way HTC is delivering the updates even very fast. Our colleagues from the c’t found out that an update for HTC follows with 5.9 months on average. Who cares about “update speed of the manufacturers of Android” which should urgently read the article behind the link provided.

    One thing must be clear to all that happy after a HTC-One Vanilla Android scream: The One is not more then the device that you might imagine so. Whether one likes it or not, the sense interface – HTC has invested a lot of mental work here. A smartphone is only just through the software really smart.

    much more important than the surface but are the adjustments for camera and speaker (boom sound) must be made. A bare, pure Android without control of the optimization process should in any case the hardware differently.


    The trend clearly goes with expensive smartphones to two variants: the normal version, and with it the pure Android. The manufacturers always come up with more finesse with the hardware used, which are equipped with software adjustments in the first run correctly. Is it not make more sense to buy a smart phone, which was actually built for Vanilla Android, you should really want one?

    We will see what happens when HTC brings out his One in the Google Edition. Senseless whether or not – must make this decision for themselves at the end of each course. We no longer have to wait long well: Supposedly the machine will be announced in the next 14 days


    Source: Geek


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    15 years of innovation HTC in the smartphone market -

    For 15 years already developed HTC smartphones. To celebrate this anniversary, the company has now put together a short film in which it shows its long and varied history.

    15 years is a long time and in the fast-paced smartphone market once more. 15 years ago just Windows 98 hit the market, we do not yet paid to the euro and the former U.S. President Bill Clinton had to explain his relationship with a certain intern to the public. Decade and a half since HTC is already in the smartphone business and has not only witnessed the one or the other innovation, but also actively. In a good three-minute-long video, the Taiwanese manufacturer is now presenting us his story.

    15 years of innovation from HTC in the smartphone market

    15 years of innovation HTC in the smartphone market

    Many know HTC as a manufacturer now only exceptionally engineered Android smartphones, but the history of the company began quite differently. When market power and ubiquity of Android, it is hard to believe that Google’s mobile OS has only five years under his belt. Most of his life has not spent so with Android, but with the competition of the now-defunct Windows Mobile HTC. Even then, the company has been a driving force of innovation and brought in 2003, for example, the first Windows Mobile smartphone on the market, which also came with a 3G connection and therefore could quickly surf the internet.

    But then with the growing competition from iPhone and Android, which could be operated easily and smoothly by hand, Windows Mobile could not keep up with its nested menus and its stylus operation. So HTC was forced himself to lend a hand and provide the manufacturer with a stale operating system interface. The beginnings were seen first time with the HTC Touch, and later the surface was then renamed the TouchFlo 3D. The great-grandson of this development is now known as Sense and represented on all HTC smartphones.

    But of course HTC was only really successful when it has set on Android. Again, the list of innovations is long and significant. With the HTC G1 2008 saw the very first Android smartphone on the market. With the 2011 successful integration of Beats Audio in its smartphones and the boom sound called stereo front speakers with the current flagship, the HTC one, the company has also finally given the previously neglected sound capabilities of smartphones. And while yes you did the first smartphone with Windows Mobile and 3G to the market in 2003, it brought in 2010 the world’s first smartphone with Android and 4G.

    HTC has much to be

    the smartphone market rendered outstanding and introduced many innovations in the last 15 years. Even if the company is currently struggling a bit, so at least I would not imagine a world without the Taiwanese and hope for another 15 years.

    But how do you think? HTC will get out of its current crisis and can return to its former strength, or how many other former champions slip further into the abyss? Your opinions on this in the comments!

    HTC One: Nokia sees further infringe patents - PC Games Hardware

    SwagTab has published an interesting comparison video of smartphone competitors Galaxy S4 and iPhone HTC One fifth In this one can not calculate the flagship products of different providers alone benchmarks, but also manifests itself to everyday use. more …

    Champions League Final and HTC: 20% discount on accessories -

    Everything in the Champions League fever. HTC, in turn, sponsor of the competition wants to use tomorrow’s final day to spendieren their own customers a discount.


    On Saturday get your 20% discount on all accessories from HTC. This only “ CHAMPIONS20 ” must be entered when ordering the voucher code. Who is in search of official accessories for its own HTC device, a look at the offer should throw.

    On the supply side

    Source: go2Android

    Rumor: HTC wants to publish a phablet - Mobilegeeks

    Supposedly HTC working on a phablet with a 5-inch display above the limits and imagine this already shortly. Thus, the Taiwanese would finally also supply this increasing popularity expectant category with its own handset.

    rumored HTC will publish a phablet

    Samsung has one, LG has one, ZTE and Sharp in a portfolio but what’s wrong with HTC? The speech is defined by one phablet, so this hybrid between smartphone and tablet the Galaxy by the first launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011.

    According to the colleagues of Pocket-Lint have to HTC fans but not longer occupy the geek role when it comes to fill the pocket with a handset, the display beyond the 5-inch mark is .

    worth reading: My phablet and I Part 1

    HTC insiders have whispered the British that the phablet a display between 5 – and 6-inch gets missed and has the same specifications under the hood, like the HTC one, of the 5 million have been sold, the Taiwanese

    price and launch If technologies are still in the dark but a big brother of our very personal favorites smartphone HTC but would fit well into the offer or not?

    Worth reading: HTC One Review

    Friday, May 24, 2013

    HTC Desire 600: Quad-Core mobile with Boom Sound - Chip Online

    HTC Desire 600. using stereo speakers

    the new HTC Desire Android Smartphone 600 officially unveiled. The middle-class smart phone comes with Dual SIM and boom sound.

    The technical specifications of the Desire 600 indicate a smartphone in the medium price segment. While working at Desire a quad-core Qualcomm, however, is the low Snapdragon 200 with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz. There are 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. In contrast to the flagship HTC Desire One 600 via microSDHC card up to 64GB is expandable. The display of the smartphone releases of 960 x 540 pixels to work with the Super LCD2 technology and is 4.5 inches tall. It comes to the web via dual-band UMTS. In addition, the Desire has 600 two SIM slots.

    The technical data are joined by an 8 megapixel camera and a front camera with 1.6 megapixel resolution. The replaceable battery has a capacity of 1,860 mAh. Above and below the display of the Desire to two male speakers, so how the One also has this HTC phone on the boom sound and Beats Audio called. The operating system Android 4.1 comes with HTC’s Sense UI 5 for use. The refore, flashing feed and Zoe are also at Desire 600 on board.

    According to the new HTC Desire from June 2013 to be available in selected markets. CHIP Online has checked with HTC if the smartphone is coming to Germany, but so far there is no information on this. ., There is the price of the phone also no information

    class=”general2″> CHIP Online says:
    The smaller one made of plastic looks at first sight well and comes with solid specs. If it comes to Germany, then probably in a single-SIM variant. It might be the first good phone from the new Desire series in each case. (bh)

    HTC Desire 600: The technical details at a glance

    size 134 x 67 x 9,26 mm
    Weight 130 grams
    format bars
    QWERTY keyboard Virtual
    color touch screen 4.5 inches, Super LCD2, qHD (960 x 540 pixels)
    networks UMTS, EDGE, GSM Triband
    processor 1.2 GHz quad-core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 200)
    interfaces -Fi (b / g / n), Micro USB, Bluetooth 4.0 with stereo headset profile, NFC, 3.5-millimeter jack, dual sim
    Memory 1 GB RAM, 8 GB memory, expandable via microSDHC
    Camera 8 megapixel, f/2.0 with LED light, 1.6-megapixel front camera
    media player yes, music and video player
    operating system Android 4.1 with Sense 5
    battery 1,680 mAh removable
    GPS Yes, A-GPS
    colors Silver, Black
    launch June 2013
    Price: Not specified

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